Fav Reads: October 2017

Holy month of rereads, October! I don’t get much of a chance to read books more than once because my tbr list is miles long (at least it feels that way). There were quite a few books I was planning on reading in October that were part of a series, so I felt like I needed that second read to catch up before reading the new one. So glad I did too because it was nice revisiting old favorites. I’d love to get to a point where I can fit at least one oldie into my rotation, but as writers keep releasing amazing new things, that becomes so unlikely. I know, terrible problem to have. On top of the rereads, October have me some amazing books, with at least one that is now one of my all-time favorites. In no particular order:


Dark Promises by Winter Renshaw

Oh, Keir. After reading Dark Paradise and Bachelor where Keir appears prior to Dark Promises (all three are standalones), I couldn’t help but be intrigued by his cocky, selfish, asshole ways. No surprise, I love my fictional men to be flawed with a heavy side of prick, which Keir has in spades. When I discovered that Winter Renshaw was writing a book about him, I was beyond excited. Dark Promises was worth the wait. Rowan was strong and relatable, I loved how unapologetic Keir was about himself, and the chemistry between him and Rowan was fire. More than that, it was a pleasure to see their connection grow, in spite of what they both intended and wanted. It takes skill and heart to create a character that you feel redeems himself enough to deserve the heroine, a skill that Renshaw wields here. Like most of her other works, Dark Promises was an easy, enjoyable read that I devoured in a day wishing it was longer, wishing there was more story but also being satisfied with how it ended.

Final Girls by Riley Sanger

“Holy shit!!!!” Those were the first words I said aloud upon finishing this book. I don’t step outside of Romance very often, but this one took me way outside of that and it was so fucking worth it. I felt like I was watching a great horror/thriller movie but in book form (and seriously don’t be surprised if this ends up becoming a movie). This book was so good. I'm talking, "I got less than 3 hours of sleep and jeopardized my ability to be a functioning human being because I couldn't put it down and just HAD to know all the things, all the answers, and how it ended" kind of good. I felt so conflicted about the characters, one minute loving them and the next wanting to scream at them and shake them, but not in a way that made me hate them or the book. I want to say more, but I can’t without risking giving away too much. You just gotta dive into it. It's the kind of book I know I'm gonna wish I could read for the first time again one day. 

Sure Thing by Jana Aston

If Rom-Com’s are your thing and you haven’t read anything by Jana Aston yet, you are seriously missing out and need to rectify that immediately. Few people write funny, well-developed, likable, and relatable characters like Aston does. I’m talking the kind of characters you want to know in real life and be friends with. The characters in Sure Thing was no different. I loved Violet and Jennings. Their chemistry (not just in the bedroom) was fantastic, and though they fell in love over a fairly short period of time, it all felt real and not even a little forced, which happens so often in these kinds of stories. Plus, who can resist a quirky, sassy heroine and a hot, British hero?!?

Scandalous by LJ Shen

Scandalous is the final (I think, but don’t quote me on that) book in the Sinners of Saints series and I have to say, it’s dethroned Ruckus as my second favorite of the bunch (nothing can top Defy and Jaime for me, though Trent came really close). I absolutely love Shen’s writing and how she creates these absolute assholes (hotholes) that you can’t help but love. Shen went places with this story that I wasn’t expecting. I fell in love with both Trent and Edie, and if little Luna doesn’t break your heart open and fill it right back up, you may not have one at all. I adore how each story in this series is so different, each character’s voice is truly unique, but it all feels like it’s part of the same world, no easy feat. 

Drive by Kate Stewart

This book, y’all. I have so many feelings about this one that I don’t even know where to start. I’m gonna try to get this all out, so bear with me. Okay, so little known fact about me: growing up I used to write song lyrics. Like I’d have a tune in my head that I’d write the words for, but because I didn’t play an instrument they pretty much went nowhere and I guess I should just call them poems. But as a teen one of my dreams was to major in music industry/business of music and to take on the music world in a non performing capacity. That was all a really long-winded way of saying I fucking love music. It lives in my body and moves me in ways few other mediums do. So this book that is so focused on music and the main character, Stella’s passion for it hit me hard and made her so real and relatable. The way Stewart integrated the playlist with the chapters in the eBook was like nothing I’ve ever seen and just added another layer to the reading experience. The other characters in this book are so rich and fully developed, which is crazy because this is a single POV story. Is there a love triangle? Kind of, yes. But it’s written in such a way that you don’t hate any of the characters. It’s done so well that it’s all authentic and heartbreaking and understandable. You want them all the get their happy ending. I could go into so much other detail about this book, but if you’ve read my monthly wrap-ups before, you know that’s just not how I work. What I will say is that this book had me so wrapped up in all my feelings and it’s definitely made it’s way onto my favorite books of all time list.