Fav Reads: June 2017

June was an absolutely stacked month for me, as far as books go. I got 18 books in this last month, and there were so many fantastic reads. I'm actually really glad that I was able to read as much as I did because I know July is going to be a sloooowwwwww month for me. I'll be focusing on finishing up this round of edits on my first novel, putting more work in on my second novel, and hopefully getting closer to reopening my shop. I know I don't talk about it much in this space, but I own/run an online shop that I create handmade products for (mylittleheartshop.com). It's a lot on the agenda for one month, especially with my kiddos being home all day for the summer and my hubby not being around much with his new job, but these things are my passion, so I can't imagine doing anything else.

So, in no particular order, here were the books I just couldn't help but love this month:

The Player by Claire Contreras

I love a good sports romance, and The Player is a great one. I couldn't help but fall in love with Warren and Camila and was pulling for their Happily Ever After from the start. I felt this had the perfect level of angst, the characters were so relatable, and it all felt believable. I sped through this one dying to find out how it all would happen and not wanting it to end, at the same time. You can't ask for much more than that in a book.

Maldeamores (Lovesick) by Mara White

Taboo romances are a new favorite of mine. There is just something about forbidden love that guts me and gets my heart racing. Mara White is so, so fucking good at the forbidden. Her book The Delivery was on my favorite reads of 2016 list (and I also really enjoyed her other books in the Heightsbound Series). I absolutely loved Belén and Lucky's story. I couldn't put it down and finished it in a day, then went back and read it again. I don't want to say too much because you really just have to experience it. The continuation, Malentendido (Misunderstood) comes out in July, and I am seriously dying to read it!

Bad Penny by Staci Hart

I absolutely adore Staci Hart's writing. I've read nearly everything she has written (I'm working on the few I've missed), and she is an instant one-click author for me. Bad Penny is no exception. Flawed, but lovable characters are my favorite, and there is no better example of this than Penny. She's flawed and has baggage but is honest and unapologetic about it. She is also badass and vulgar, and so fucking relatable. I knew I would enjoy this book based on the excerpts I had read, but I wasn't prepared to fall in love with it and Penny the way I did. And Bodie? He's on the list of best book boyfriends now.

Bad Romeo/Broken Juliet by Leisa Rayven

These two books are a package deal, and while not technically a duet, if you want to find out how all is resolved between Ethan and Cassie, you must read them both. I normally don't enjoy flip-flopping between timelines, but it worked for me here. I also generally don't like super angsty reads, but it all worked here. I got why each character made the choices they made, and Bad Romeo especially took me back to that intensity of first love and how much it can wreck you when your heart is broken for the first time. I found myself drawn in from page one, and the minute I finished Bad Romeo I HAD to start Broken Juliet to see Cassie and Ethan get their HEA.

Sustained by Emma Chase

Oh Jake, oh Chelsea. Sigh. This book was seriously so good. When a man with every intention of never settling down finds himself both in a relationship and becoming a surrogate father of six; hilarity, steam, and sweetness ensues. While I loved Jake and Chelsea together, their relationship with the six McQuaid children stole the show. I enjoyed the other books in Chase's Legal Briefs Series, but Sustained is the best of them and shouldn't be missed.